[openssl-users] 1.1.1 pre1 tests failing on Solaris SPARC

Erik Forsberg erik at efca.com
Sat Feb 24 19:18:41 UTC 2018

>-- Original Message --
>>>>> As for -lm, which symbol was undefined?
>>>> Undefined                       first referenced
>>>>   symbol                             in file
>>>> fabs                                test/ct_test.o
>>> ??? One can only wonder where does it come from. I see no fabs
>>> anywhere...
>Ah! Missed it! There is fabs call in ct_test. I was looking for
>reference in binary code. On multiple platforms including Solaris x86.
>Question is how come it isn't a problem anywhere else. It looks like
>it's customarily inlined, but not here. Well, you insist on
>-xbuiltin=%none, so I suppose this has to be it. In such case it's on you...

Most compilers (including gcc) inlines fabs()
Solaris cc does not when using -O0 -g which I use when debugging.
If I remember correctly, solaris cc also inlines when using higher level of optimization
but I may remember wrong.

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