[openssl-users] Initialising OpenSSL more than once - how do we handle this?

Jordan Brown openssl at jordan.maileater.net
Mon Jul 30 16:52:25 UTC 2018

On 7/30/2018 7:18 AM, Michael Wojcik wrote:
> I don't know why people worry about singleton memory "leaks". If the
> leak isn't growing over the lifetime of the process, it's not causing
> any trouble. I've seen some teams obsessing about getting clean
> reports from dynamic-analysis tools like Valgrind. In most
> environments that's pointless "optimization" and a waste of
> development resources.

Because a zero-leaks policy is a lot easier to manage than having to
make a judgement call on each leak whether or not it's important, and
having to filter out "unimportant" leaks when you're trying to find out
whether you've introduced any "important" leaks.

Maybe the test suite only caused the program to leak one buffer, but
that doesn't tell you whether a real workload (or a malicious workload)
will leak gigabytes.

Jordan Brown, Oracle Solaris

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