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Giovanni Fontana giovanni.fontana72 at
Mon Apr 8 15:48:56 UTC 2019

Hello everybody,

my name is Giovanni Fontana. I made a new symmetric crypto algorithm (let’s
call it *algo1*) and a new asymmetric crypto algorithm (let’s call it

I use algo2 for key exchange and with that I can create a session key to
cipher and decipher with algo1, so Alice and Bob can communicate each other
in secure way.

I wish to import those algorithms inside OpenSSL in order to use some
features of this suite (i.e. creation of x509 certificate with algo1 and
algo2, and/or TLS and SSL connection always with algo1 and algo2).
My first tries were not successful.
Could you please tell me each step I have to do in order to achieve my
targets? Or share with me some Internet links where those steps are already

Below some info that may help you in answer me:
- The version of OpenSSL I’m playing with is 1.1.1b
- The OS is Linux Ubuntu 14.04
- Of course my algorithms are written in C.

Further question (probably to ask elsewhere inside OpenSSL organisation):
If in the next future with my algorithms I can have some business, which
kind of license I need to have with OpenSSL then?

Thank in advance
Kind regards
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