[openssl-users] tls1_change_cipher_state

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Wed Jan 2 13:04:47 UTC 2019

Dennis Clarke wrote in <73f913f0-c7d0-2805-d28c-2273fc8c2968 at blastwave.org>:
 |On 1/2/19 5:14 AM, Jakob Bohm via openssl-users wrote:
 |> On 02/01/2019 10:41, Matt Caswell wrote:
 |>> On 27/12/2018 08:37, Dmitry Belyavsky wrote:
 |>>> Hello,
 |>>> Am I right supposing that local variables tmp1, tmp2, iv1, and iv2 
 |>>> are unused in
 |>>> this function?
 |>> Looks that way. They should be removed.
 |> By the way, why aren't any of your test compilers configured to
 |> warn about unused local variables?  It's a common feature in many
 |> compilers and thus a free consistency check that can catch typos.
 |Traditionally ( past four decades ) that was a feature provided by
 |something like 'lint' but I have not seen a lint picker lately other
 |than in the Oracle Studio compiler tools and it certainly isn't open
 |source in any way. Works very well however.

I am not using it, but i occasionally see Christos Zoulas making
commits to the NetBSD version of lint.  They also seem to keep the
code instrumented with comments like "falltrough" etc., for it.

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