Link error with openssl-1.1.1-c on AIX

Viktor Dukhovni openssl-users at
Wed Jun 26 22:51:59 UTC 2019

On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 10:29:00PM +0000, Bill Hallahan wrote:

> I am trying to build openssl-1.1.1-c on AIX using the xlc compiler.  I
> know Linux quite well, but only have passing knowledge of AIX.
>    ./config -static no-ec no-mdc2 no-rc5 no-idea --openssldir=/path_sanitized

You're disabling elliptic-curve crytography for some reason, this
is generally unwise.

> I was getting many linker errors, but I have fixed the Makefile to include
> certain libraries.  Now I just have one unresolved external, which is
> "ecp_nistz256_mul_mont".

As a result that function is no longer-available, but it seems that
"no-ec" is not enough to suppress all the call-sites.  Your best bet
is to not specify "no-ec".


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