Using (not building) openssl with mingw on Windows 10

Ken Goldman kgoldman at
Thu Mar 21 19:52:20 UTC 2019

On 3/20/2019 6:44 PM, Sergio NNX wrote:
>>> I've been happily using the Shining Light 32-bit binaries with both
>>> openssl 1.0 and 1.1 and mingw.
>> Getting back to this:
>> I tried mingw linking against these
>> "c:/program files/openssl64/lib/libcrypto.lib"
>> "c:/program files/openssl64/lib/libssl.lib"
>> but the gcc linker failed to find the openssl functions.
>> Anyone have any ideas?
> We have been using OpenSSL for Windows (x64) built with MinGW for a long 
> time.

Can you send your linker command.  What from the OpenSSL64/lib
directory do you link to?

Below is your compiler command, but it's my linker that's failing.

>      compiler: gcc.exe -m64 -DWINVER=0x0501 -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0501 
> -D_WIN32_IE=0x0501 -DPTW32_STATIC_LIB -D__CLEANUP_C -m64 -O2 -pipe 
> -mms-bitfields -fno-builtin -march=core2 -mtune=core2 -DL_ENDIAN 
> -DWINVER=0x0501 -D_WIN32_WINNT=0x0501 -D_WIN32_IE=0x0501 
> -DOPENSSL_CAPIENG_DIALOG -m64 -pipe -mms-bitfields -fno-builtin 
> -march=core2 -mtune=core2 -D_MT -DZLIB -DNDEBUG -I/mingw/include
> @Ken: this seems to be a quite old thread, but if you need either the 
> include files or the .a files
>        or both, we could email them to you.

I have the include files.

I think I need the .a files or equivalent, but I prefer to use the 
Shining Light install.  If I get a private copy from you, I have to
distribute it.

Besides the process and legal issues, it doesn't feel right to
distribute security code that I got via email from an unknown
person with the email name 'sfhacker'.  :-)

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