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In general, this occurs because you have some other libraries (from your
system) that link against  In theory, it should all just
work, but in practice I've often found my application did not work as

Specifically, I'd get a TLS end point that did not speak ECDSA (1.0 does not,
1.1 does).

You have make a pass through the shared objects that your application
references (ldd output), and then using ldd, you can discover which ones want, and then you either have to upgrade those libraries,
or you may have to compile them from source.

The last time I did this, I found it was libpqclient5 (a postgresql client
library), and that I was able to upgrade it to libpqclient10 rather than
resort to source code.
Minimal distributions like containerized alpinelinux also help to minimize
your dependancies.

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