static linking libssl and libcrypto

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Mon Nov 4 11:29:02 UTC 2019


It's not an open-ssl issue, but more a compiler specific one.

With info you provided, I cannot tell you what you get as results, but two
points that may help:

   1. regarding the 87 ssl symbols : when you link with a library, only the
   useful symbols are imported. So, if the code in you libAPP library only
   uses some sparse functions of libSSL, it's normal you only have
   corresponding symbols in your final image. I don't know what you plan to
   do, but note that statically linking your dll with open-ssl will prevent
   this dll from needing the openssl dynamic library. But it will not prevent
   your main program to require the open-ssl library to run properly if some
   part of it is dynamically linked with open-ssl !
   2. depending on how you compiled your libssl.a, it can be either a
   static library containing the full openssl binary code, or a static library
   that just makes the "link" between you code and the ssl dynamic library. In
   the second case, even if you properly statically link with this lib, you
   will still need the dll to execute your program.


Le lun. 4 nov. 2019 à 07:28, Aijaz Baig <aijazbaig1 at> a écrit :

> I am trying to build a shared library that internally links openssl and
> crypto libraries statically so I can use it in a production environment. To
> that end I am using the following Makefile
> APPBASE=/home/AB/Documents/APP/APP_2.17.0
> OPENSSL1.0.2p_INSTALL_LOC=/home/AB/Documents/APP/OpenSSL-1.0.2p-installation
> CC=gcc
> CFLAGS= -Wall -g -O -fPIC
> RM= rm -f
> .PHONY: all clean
> src=$(wildcard *Generic/*.c *Linux/*.c)
> $(info source=$(src))
> #we use the custom compiled openssl version
> #and NOT the one available on the system
> #INC=-I/usr/include/openssl
> INC+=-I$(OPENSSL1.0.2p_INSTALL_LOC)/include/openssl
> INC+=$(foreach d,$(incdir),-I$d)
> $(info includes=$(INC))
> #LIB=-llibssl -llibcrypto
> LIB+=-lssl -lcrypto
> $(info links=$(LIB))
> #LIB+=-L/usr/lib/
> obj=$(src:.c=.o)
> all:
> clean:
>     $(RM) *.o *.so
>     $(shell find $(APPBASE) -type f -iname "*.o" -exec rm -rf {} \;)
> .c.o:
>     ${CC} -static ${CFLAGS} $(INC) -c $< $(LIB) -o $@
> $(obj)
>     $(LINK.c) -shared $^ -o $@
> As mentioned here (
> I've changed the linker flags to:
> -lcrypto -lz -ldl -static-libgcc
> but it doesn't seem to change the size of the generated so file. On
> checking for references to SSL in this so file, I see there are a total of
> 87 entries
> nm | grep -i "ssl" | wc -l
> 87
> whereas listing *only* the global symbols from libssl.a tells me it has
> 1113 globally defined symbols.
> nm -g ../OpenSSL-1.0.2p-installation/lib/libssl.a | grep -i "ssl" | wc -l
> 1113
> I do not know if libSSL got indeed linked statically or not. Could someone
> please shed some light on it?
> --
> Best Regards,
> Aijaz Baig
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