Is ED25519 on DTLS supported?

Rafael Ferrer eureka6676 at
Sun Nov 17 01:43:15 UTC 2019

It's DTLS-OK according to IANA.

I tested ED25519 certificates on TLS 1.2 and it worked fine.

openssl s_server -port 4321 -cert server-cert.pem -key server-key.pem
-CAfile client-cert.pem -tls1_2 -sigalgs ed25519
openssl s_client -bind localhost:1234 -connect localhost:4321 -cert
client-cert.pem -key client-key.pem -CAfile server-cert.pem -tls1_2
-sigalgs ed25519

But I get a "no shared cipher" error (on the server) if I just replace
-tls1_2 with -dtls1_2 on those two commands.

The certs and keys are self-signed for both the server and client and where
generated by this command.

openssl req -x509 -newkey ed25519 -subj "/CN=localhost" -nodes -addext
keyUsage=digitalSignature -keyout key.pem -out cert.pem
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