AW: OpenSSL compilation errors in Windows

Dr. Matthias St. Pierre Matthias.St.Pierre at
Tue Oct 1 11:13:10 UTC 2019

> We are using OpenSSL APIs in our product code. We are not making any changes in OpenSSL.
> Our product code is a C++ code and it makes use of openSSL APIs for some functionality.

Local headers (like "ssl_locl.h" and "packet_locl.h") are *NOT* part of the official OpenSSL API.
Please don't expect any support w.r.t. compilation or compatibility problems if you do include
them in your application, even more if it's compiled using a C++ compiler.

It would be more helpful if you would tell us *why* you are including ssl_locl.h and what you
are trying to achieve. Then we might be able to tell you how you could achieve your goal using
the officially supported API.

Please note that many of the OpenSSL structures were made opaque in version 1.1.0. This means
that there are only forward declarations of the structures in the public headers and the compiler
does not get to  see the structure members. Instead of directly accessing the members, it is now
necessary to use accessor functions (a.k.a. getters and setters). If this is the reason why you are
including private OpenSSL headers then you should adopt you application to use the new
accessors instead, instead of forcing the impossible to circumvent the new policy.

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