Regarding using OpenSSL along with optee

Dr Paul Dale paul.dale at
Mon Sep 30 12:34:08 UTC 2019

I’m not aware of any such work having been undertaken.

OpenSSL 3.0 will definitely be sufficiently modular to support this.  1.1.1 a little less so but it might be possible.
If anyone is willing to take this up, I’d suggest targeting OpenSSL 3.0.
At the moment we are busy with FIPS and the 3.0 architectural changes.

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> On 30 Sep 2019, at 8:13 pm, Nagesh shamnur <nagesh.shamnur at> wrote:
> Dear OpenSSL Group,
>                 Greetings. I was checking for the support for Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) in OpenSSL. I could see that the current design is modular enough to support it. But sadly, I was unable to find the relevant code changes adapting any TEE implementation such as op-tee in the version 1.1.1d. Can someone guide me if such a code changes are available.
> Regards,
> Nagesh S

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