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Having just noticed the last 4 or 5 emails related to this thread I have to say this is classic political correctness garbage.

Dan Kegel wrote on 07/04/2020 11:35 AM:
> Likewise.  Thank you, Rich!
> When this issue came up in Buildbot 5 years ago, there was a fair bit of... discussion, see
> The resolution back then was to rename 'slave' to 'worker', which was a LOT of
> work, and seemed to satisfy everybody at the time.
> It came up again recently, see
> and they're now looking at whether and how to address the word 'master'.
> Not having noticed this discussion in openssl until today, here's my two cents as an openssl user:
> I think an incremental approach is fine, clean up the most offensive word or two
> first, and then see where things land.  And if it can't start immediately, that's
> ok, it took buildbot a while to come up with the needed consensus and
> elbow grease.
> - Dan
> On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 11:10 PM Eliot Lear <lear at <mailto:lear at>> wrote:
>     Can we please put the knives a way?  Rich has given a lot to this
>     community.  As an openssl user, I'd rather the conversation moved along.


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