Problems porting Openssl 1.1.1d to zos.

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It's been years since I compiled C programs on z, but CEE.SCEEBND2 is the C library dataset (for AMODE 64), so it looks like the message is simply saying that it's not cataloged. That would appear to be a site-specific installation issue with the C compiler.

See for example this topic from the IBM docs:

in which the JCL includes a straightforward DD card for CEE.SCEEBND2. It appears IBM expects that in a normal installation of the C compiler, that dataset will be in the catalog.

That said, the specific location of the SCEEBND2 dataset appears to be a convention. The text of that topic goes on to say: "The Language Environment resident routines are contained in the SCEEBND2 library; the data set name could be CEE.SCEEBND2. If you are unsure where SCEEBND2 has been installed at your location, contact your system administrator."

So, I suggest contacting your system administrator and asking where SCEEBND2 is. Or you could try searching the catalog for it using the appropriate ISPF or TSO commands.
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Dear Patrick and co

I am currently stuck during my build with the following error:

FSUM3052 The data definition name SYSLIB cannot be resolved. The data set
was not found. Ensure that data set name CEE.SCEEBND2 is specified

It seems there is some binder error. Did you face this or a similar error as
Sadly the zOS data sets are still a bit confusing to me and I am still going
through the IBM documentation to get a better understanding.
I was told by a colleague to try adding some "INCLUDE"s to include various
CEE.SCEELIB(*) and setting SYSLIB="//CEE.SCEEBND2" but that did not work so
How did you configure this with respect to OpenSSL? Or is this something
specific to our system?

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