RAND SEED in vxworks6.9

Suvendhu Hansa suvendhu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 22:17:25 UTC 2020


I am beginner in openssl and I am porting openSSL-1.1.1d in vxWorks-6.9. So
as suggested I have defined "OPENSSL_RAND_SEED_NONE" flag, as for vxWorks
'none' is only supported but after doing so I am observing
"rand_pool_entropy_available()" returns 0 which further leads to failure. 
I came across that while NONE is set then manual seed and re-seed is must
for the applications depend on random generator.
I am very confused and as not having any openSSL experience I am not able to
understand what needs to be done to resolve this issue.

In my project many applications are using openssl APIs, So do I need to call
RAND_add() in all applications where some random generation is being done?
or is there anything else I can do to provide the seeds?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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