openssl ocsp(responder) cmd is giving error for ipv6

perumal v sanperumalv at
Mon Nov 2 14:57:03 UTC 2020

HI All,
        I tried openssl ocsp for ipv6 and got the error message for the

  IPv6 address with the "[]" bracket.
openssl ocsp -url http://*[2001:DB8:64:FF9B:0:0:A0A:285E]*:8090/ocsp-100/
-issuer /etc/cert/ipsec/cert0/ca.crt -CAfile /etc/cert/ipsec/cert0/ca.crt
-cert /etc/cert/ipsec/cert0/cert.crt
*Error creating connect BIO*
*140416130504448:error:20088081:BIO routines:BIO_parse_hostserv:ambiguous
host or service:crypto/bio/b_addr.c:547:*

IPv6 address without the "[]" bracket.
openssl ocsp -url http://*2001:DB8:64:FF9B:0:0:A0A:285E*:8090/ocsp-100/
-issuer /etc/cert/ipsec/cert0/ca.crt -CAfile /etc/cert/ipsec/cert0/ca.crt
-cert /etc/cert/ipsec/cert0/cert.crt

*Error connecting BIOError querying OCSP responder*

i am using openssl version : *openssl version*
*OpenSSL 1.1.1h  22 Sep 2020*

Can anybody help me to find out if it is the correct way to use it?.

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