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> On 21/08/2021 19:42, Michael Wojcik wrote:
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> >> My openssl.cnf (I have tried `\` and `\\` and `/` directory
> separators):
> > Use forward slashes. Backslashes should work on Windows, but forward
> slashes work everywhere. I don't know that "\\" will work anywhere.
> \\ works only when invoking a \ expecting program from a unix-like shell
> that requires each \ to be escaped with a second backslash in order to
> pass it through.  A typical example is using CygWin bash to invoke a
> native
> Win32 program.

Yes, I know that. I use bash on Windows as my default shell. I meant I have no idea whether \\ would work in an OpenSSL configuration file on Windows. Windows APIs such as CreateFile normally tolerate extraneous backslashes, but I haven't tested them in OpenSSL configuration files.

> \\ where neither is an escape (so \\\\ in the above shell situation) is
> also used in native Windows programs to access a hypothetical root that
> is above the real file system roots, typically the syntax is
> "\\machine\share\ordinary\path", where:

I'm well aware of that too. And of the use of \\?\ as a prefix for CreateFileW et alia to enable long paths. That's not relevant in this case, since OP was talking about path separators, not prefixes.

Michael Wojcik

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