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On 21/08/2021 19:42, Michael Wojcik wrote:
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>> Sent: Saturday, 21 August, 2021 11:26
>> My openssl.cnf (I have tried `\` and `\\` and `/` directory separators):
> Use forward slashes. Backslashes should work on Windows, but forward slashes work everywhere. I don't know that "\\" will work anywhere.
\\ works only when invoking a \ expecting program from a unix-like shell
that requires each \ to be escaped with a second backslash in order to
pass it through.  A typical example is using CygWin bash to invoke a native
Win32 program.

\\ where neither is an escape (so \\\\ in the above shell situation) is
also used in native Windows programs to access a hypothetical root that
is above the real file system roots, typically the syntax is
"\\machine\share\ordinary\path", where:

machine is either a different computer, a "." for a special higher level
   local namespace or "??" for another special namespace.
share is the first level below machine, in particular it is the exported
   name of a remote file system or object.
ordinary\path is whatever else needs to be added to the path for a
   specific use

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