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Fri Mar 26 08:51:43 UTC 2021

On 3/26/21 2:46 PM, David von Oheimb wrote:
> Embedded Devel,
> my sympathy - I know this can be painful and frustrating.
> From which old OpenSSL version to which target version do you need to 
> get the code updated?
> And as info to whoever may be considering picking up this task: which 
> is your timeline for that?
> Within OpenSSL we are currently discussing how to handle version 
> compatibility issues
> with the upcoming version 3.0 at 
> <>.
> Can you give some concrete typical examples which exact issues you are 
> facing?
>     David
i believe this was all from back in the 0.9x days, the code in question 
is close to 10+/- years old

if everyone would look at the email thread  re: "ssl client write / 
server accept seems broken"

some might see more of the issue i am facing, i have has 1 person look 
at this and he believes

quote "

This looks like using *very* outdated OpenSSL API. Hence the SSL
client (and server) code needs to ported to work with more recent
versions OpenSSL and make use of TLS methods instead of SSL methods.

For testing you could try to build OpenSSL with the old SSL3 support
enabled (we don't even support that at all in OpenWrt any longer, but
should work to build manually).
Because ssl_undefined_function is most likely a result of:
Disabled features:
     ssl3                    [default] OPENSSL_NO_SSL3
     ssl3-method             [default] OPENSSL_NO_SSL3_METHOD

If you find someone very familiar with OpenSSLs API (I've used it, more
than once, but it's not what I'm doing every day), this can be done in
a few days. I'd probably need a week for this and I'm not particularly
keen on it, there are things I'm better with which are waiting as well."

i now have a second developer looking at this, so hoping he can sort it 
all out.

> On 25.03.21 13:58, Floodeenjr, Thomas wrote:
>> If your problem is the migration from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1, I have attached my porting notes, if that helps.
>> -Tom
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>> I tried to get through this on my own, not being a openssl developer, made progress but still no joy
>> so we had an app that was written some 8-10 years ago, which worked fine for client/server tls
>> update to today, no longer functional, deprecations in openssl cause errors
>> it is not a large app, and i believe if someone were to resolve the openssl issues it would work again
>> whos up for making some money ?
>> Thanks

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