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Michael Richardson mcr at
Mon Nov 22 09:58:27 UTC 2021

Jordan Brown <openssl at> wrote:
    > On 11/18/2021 2:31 PM, Dr Paul Dale wrote:
    >> Apart from keeping dross around from old unsupported versions, I don't
    >> think there is much the project can do about this unfortunately.

    > Unfortunately, people often feel the need to continue using a particular
    > version of a piece of software long after its authors thought it dead. 
    > It would be nice to keep old documentation around for them, since the
    > cost is low.

    > Also, if one is trying to update a piece of existing software to use a
    > new version of the library, it may sometimes be necessary to look at old
    > documentation to see how the old version worked, so as to understand the
    > software and work out how it should work with the new library.


Such programmers might find compiling the old man pages difficult,
particularly since the build this in a Linux VM on your lame desktop OS might
not easily let you view HTML.  I have seen this way too often.
The younglings don't learn about the "man" command :-(

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