OpenSSL 3.0.2 PKCS12_parse Failure

vchiliquinga at vchiliquinga at
Fri Apr 1 18:14:38 UTC 2022


Connection between a Openssl 3.0.2 server and a 1.1.1g client is proving to be unsuccessful.

According to the logs collected we seem to be having an issue with the loading of the legacy providers.
We are loading both the default and legacy providers programmatically as per the steps outlined in the Wiki for OpenSSL 3.0 - 6.2 Providers.

We are seeing the following error..

error:0308010C:digital envelope routines:inner_evp_generic_fetch:unsupported:crypto\evp\evp_fetch.c:346:Global default library context, Algorithm (RC2-40-CBC : 0), Properties ()
PKCS12_parse() failed = 183. (Using GetLastError from errhandlingapi.h, the 183 error code is obtained)

Worth mentioning that we are only seeing this issue occur when the server is a Windows 2012 server.

Thank you,
Victor C.
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