RSA and DES encryption and decryption with C++ on Windows

Dr Paul Dale pauli at
Sun Apr 10 22:51:42 UTC 2022

Have a look in the demos/encrypt folder:

There has been an amount of effort put into updating these for 3.0 & 
later.  There is more to do.


On 10/4/22 23:50, Kenneth Goldman wrote:
> Anyway, I'm trying to encrypt/decrypt using RSA and DES schemes.  I've 
> tried some of the older code examples I could find, but some of the 
> functions weren't recognized by my header files.
> [kgold] You cannot encrypt long streams with RSA.  DES is deprecated.
> Can anyone help me with this?  I want to encrypt fairly long strings.  
> A few hundred bytes or so.   Maybe longer.  If I can do a continuous 
> stream of blocks that would be great, as well.
> *//*
> [kgold] Post a short example that did not work.
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