3.1.0-beta1: util/shlib_wrap.sh

Hal Murray halmurray+openssl at sonic.net
Sat Dec 24 01:02:44 UTC 2022

My notes from 3.0 beta include this step to verify that I got --openssldir 
configured correctly.

$ util/shlib_wrap.sh ./apps/openssl version -d

Now it says:
FATAL: Startup failure (dev note: apps_startup()) for ./apps/openssl
40772751647F0000:error:030000A9:digital envelope routines:alg_module_init:unkno
wn option:crypto/evp/evp_cnf.c:61:name=rh-allow-sha1-signatures, value=yes
40772751647F0000:error:0700006D:configuration file routines:module_run:module 
initialization error:crypto/conf/conf_mod.c:270:module=alg_section, 
value=evp_properties retcode=-1

Did this area change from 3.0 to 3.1?

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