OpenSSL 3.0.9 : error: 'SSL_CTRL_GET_IANA_GROUPS' undeclared

Marcello Lorenzi cello86 at
Tue Jun 6 17:54:34 UTC 2023

Hi All,
I tried to compile OpenSSL 3.0.9 on a RHEL 9.2 server but I noticed this
compilation error:

ssl/s3_lib.c: In function 'ssl3_ctx_ctrl': ssl/s3_lib.c:3905:10: error:
'SSL_CTRL_GET_IANA_GROUPS' undeclared (first use in this function); did you
^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | SSL_CTRL_GET_GROUPS ssl/s3_lib.c:3905:10: note:
each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it
appears in ssl/s3_lib.c:3908:50: error: 's' undeclared (first use in this
function) 3908 | *(uint16_t **)parg = (uint16_t
*)s->ext.peer_supportedgroups; | ^ make[3]: *** [Makefile:10662:
ssl/libssl-lib-s3_lib.o] Error 1 make[3]: *** Waiting for unfinished
jobs.... make[3]: Leaving directory '/tmp/openssl-3.0.5' make[2]: ***
[Makefile:2542: build_sw] Error 2 make[2]: Leaving directory
'/tmp/openssl-3.0.5' make[1]: *** [objs/Makefile:1805:
/tmp/openssl-3.0.5/.openssl/include/openssl/ssl.h] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving
directory '/tmp/nginx-1.25.0' make: *** [Makefile:10: build] Error 2

Could you help me to undertand the root cause of this error?

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