OpenSSL project is considering to close this mailing list

Karl Denninger karl at
Fri Mar 17 12:39:55 UTC 2023

On 3/17/2023 08:06, Graham Leggett via openssl-users wrote:
> On 17 Mar 2023, at 10:04, Tomas Mraz<tomas at>  wrote:
>> We are seeking input on this potential change if you are currently
>> actively contributing on openssl-users mailing list discussion and you
>> believe such a change would substantially reduce your participation in
>> the project.
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
> As bank account holders of SVB have discovered, counterparty risk is a thing.
> I would gate all notifications from github onto these lists to be archived permanently in an off-github medium. Github decides to replace the features you’re using with something else, the history is lost for good.

I second this and will point out that Github is NOT politically and 
socially agnostic.

This is a serious problem for a software stack that allegedly /is 
/agnostic.  You are what you base your operations on when it can be 
yanked out from under you should you refuse to play "their" way, and 
"their way" can be redefined as they wish without your consent.

I don't use Github for communication, questions and commentary anywhere 
else -- not just for this reason, but rather because its interface for 
this sort of purpose is clunky and stupid; its just not suitable for 
purpose.  Git itself as a revision-control system works perfectly well 
albeit not easily-serialized (which is a problem when bisecting to try 
to figure out//which commit hosed you), but that's a problem that can be 
worked around and, given the design, is tolerable.

IMHO keep the list.

Karl Denninger
karl at
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