[EXTERNAL] OpenSSL project is considering to close this mailing list

Sands, Daniel dnsands at sandia.gov
Fri Mar 17 17:30:53 UTC 2023

> as the focus of the OpenSSL users and developers community is now on the
> OpenSSL project GitHub page [1] we are considering closing this mailing list. We
> would like to move to using Issues [2] and Pull requests [3] in GitHub to discuss
> topics and ask questions related to using and developing  OpenSSL in a single
> location as this provides better tracking and searching and we believe this will
> help us serve our community better.

I agree with the majority of the sentiments, that this is a bad idea.  It would also seem that this is a bit of a misuse of the GitHub system.  Pull Requests and Issues would work well as a replacement for the now defunct openssl-dev mailing list, but it does not seem like "issues" is a good place to ask questions about usage of the library or troubleshooting.  "Pull requests" certainly aren't.  "Issues" might be a middle ground where a user would like to complain about lost features or even fundamental problems with the API (such as when the use of bignums in the parameter API would reverse the bignum bytes on LE systems).  But unless a forum or some such were set up, this mailing list continues to be the best way to ask user-level questions.

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