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Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Sun Mar 19 22:06:35 UTC 2023

On 3/19/23 17:20, Tim Hudson wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 18, 2023 at 4:10 PM Dr. Matthias St. Pierre via openssl-users <
> openssl-users at> wrote:
>> Reading through the replies it seems obvious that the response is an
>> unanimous "No, please don't do it!!"
> It is to be entirely expected that those who are on a mailing list and feel
> impacted if it closes are the ones that would respond - that was pretty
> much the question - asking for those who would feel impacted.
> Right now it is sitting at about 20-30 people who have responded. That is a
> small set of feedback (given the size of the list) and the details in the
> feedback need to be looked at and responded to.

This entire thread of discussion feels like some marketing people sat
down and made the unilateral decision to just close the maillist for
ordinary users such as myself. No amount of discussion will mean
anything as there is no vote and no decison process that involves the
actual people affected.  This is not a "community" process. It is just a
business move.

Words like "small set of feedback" is a token throw away phrase that
also means nothing at all. The decision has already been made and for
some obscure reason the same foolish marketing people made the next bad
move : to tell people.

Simply pull the plug in the middle of the night and let people whine
from a safe distance. That is how business is done and Microsoft and
Oracle are experts at this. The "users" do not matter. They never did.

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