OpenSSL project is considering to close this mailing list

Viktor Dukhovni openssl-users at
Sun Mar 19 23:51:22 UTC 2023

On Mon, Mar 20, 2023 at 07:20:43AM +1000, Tim Hudson wrote:

> You should go to and click on Watch now
> - selecting "All Activity".

I, for one, am not going to do that.  If someone wants to ask questions
on Github, they're welcome to get answers from those who are immersed in
and productive in Github as a communication medium.  It isn't a medium
that works for me.

> - if you won't go to GitHub regularly and simply want to see things in
> email, then you should be watching GitHub issues as you are missing
> the majority of the interactions

See above.  I am not looking to participate in all the Github issues, a
different community of volunteers will help the users who want to ask
their questions there.  Meanwhile, I'm willing to learn from and
contribute to the discussion on this list.

> We are seeking input on this potential change if you are currently
> actively contributing on openssl-users mailing list discussion and *you*
> *believe such a change would substantially reduce your participation in*
> *the project*.

Yes, such a change would reduce my participation in answering user
questions or learning from answers given by others.  Ideally, users
asking for general help (as opposed to reporting bugs, ...) would be
encouraged to post here, but it seems that's not how those who hang
out on Github see it.

> There are people pointing out they prefer email - but the majority of those
> people who have responded so far are also watching GitHub issues and are
> also responding to GitHub issues.

FWIW, I am not among them.  Some Github issues and pull requests are
brought to my attention, and then I may participate in *that* Github
issue or pull request, but otherwise, I can be found here and not on
Github, unless directly pinged on a specific issue or PR.


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