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On 20/03/2023 10:16, Dr. Matthias St. Pierre via openssl-users wrote:
>>> Matthias.St.Pierre at  0 8 12
> I admit that I'm not posting very often to the list, but I'm scanning all subject lines in my
> inbox every workday and read all post which catch my interest.
> As I wrote previously: what I like about this list is that it is a list with an active community.
> It has a very different audience and very often it's users who answer questions by other users.
> Newbie questions are treated kindly and questions are answered with patience. Often there
> are questions concerning not so commonly used platforms, which are answered by other users
> who are familiar with that platform.
> This is a valuable contribution by our user base and keeps some of the support burden
> off the core team. So why cut off this valuable resource? If the GitHub enthusiasts don't
> care for the mailing list anymore, all they need to do is to sign off and ignore it.

I concur with Matthias and think that closing this mailing list is a bad 
I scan the mails from this list daily and have no wish to start watching 
an entire forum on github.
Thus, if this mailing list is closed, my (admittedly infrequent) 
contributions to OpenSSL user support will simply end.
If the OpenSSL team wishes to annoy/scare users away, then by all means, 
go ahead and close the list. However, if the OpenSSL teams values the 
importance of community building then this mailing list should not be 


JJK / Jan Just Keijser

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>> On Mon, Mar 20, 2023 at 10:19:20AM +1000, Tim Hudson wrote:
>>> If we look at the activity since 1-Jan-2022 (last year + this year to date)
>>> and count the questions/posts and questions/posts-replied-to and total
>>> interactions you get this list (for those who have had more than 5
>>> questions/posts they have replied to.
>>> matt at  25 51 118
>>> tomas at  3 47 96
>>> openssl-users at  0 45 85
>>> pauli at  0 16 38
>>> Michael.Wojcik at  1 14 64
>>> levitte at  0 9 10
>>> Matthias.St.Pierre at  0 8 12
>>> beldmit at  0 7 12
>>> mcr at  1 6 24
>>> it at  0 6 9
>> Hi Tim,
>> Given this list, and the previous statement:
>>> We are seeking input on this potential change if you are currently
>>> actively contributing on openssl-users mailing list discussion and *you*
>>> *believe such a change would substantially reduce your participation in*
>>> *the project*.
>> You had the list of people whose responses mattered to you. If you were
>> only soliciting feedback from these people, why did you email the whole
>> list instead of these people directly?
>> I realise I am a lurker, but clearly I cherish the openssl community,
>> and read this list to continue learning about the project, even if I am
>> not quite interest in the firehose that might be github issues.
>> Thanks,
>> Eldon
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