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David von Oheimb nl0 at
Mon Sep 14 18:23:54 UTC 2020

Concerning PR #4930:

Originally that PR was about extending support for PKCS#12 input in
apps, which meanwhile has been superseded mostly by OSSL_STORE.
I meanwhile carved out the most interesting remaining pieces of the PR 
and contributed them separately.
I've just rebased and cleaned up the various remaining commits.

What is still left are fixes for several corner cases in PKCS#12 input
and its error handling.
There are also some rather unrelated fixes to several apps and their
documentation, which I could separate if requested.
I don't think any of this is critical before the beta release; in
particular there are no feature or API changes any more.


On 14.09.20 19:32, Richard Levitte wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Sep 2020 22:41:23 +0200,
> Dr. Matthias St. Pierre wrote:
>> Conversely, there were also pull requests associated with the '3.0.0' or '3.0.0 beta1' milestone,
>> without  being associated to the  '3.0 New Core + FIPS' project. This has been fixed now.
> I fail to see why the milestones '3.0.0' / '3.0.0 beta1' must be 1:1
> with the '3.0 New Core + FIPS' project.  If we make them the same,
> what's the reason to have both?
> I just looked in the project, and these are issues and PRs the
> presence of which I think is questionable:
> #10612
> #4930
> #12860
> #11311
> Maybe there's a misunderstand of what "3.0 New Core" means.  Please
> note the lack of comma.  But if that doesn't help, how about the
> project description?
> I've seen a bit too much of wanting to pile *everything* into that
> project.  That was never the intention.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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