[openssl-users] How to form a proper hash after writing somethinginto SSL handshake.

Jordan Brown openssl at jordan.maileater.net
Fri Dec 29 17:11:25 UTC 2017

On 12/29/2017 6:00 AM, Marty G wrote:
> For the same reason one doesn't wear a halloween costume to a
> technical meeting, Comic Sans is looked down upon when used outside
> comics and day-care centers.  It is considered a snub to use it in
> non-trivial settings.
> Much as lifting up your middle finger has no inherent meaning per se,
> but once one realizes that it definitely has meaning to others and one
> lifts one's middle finger to others anyway, it can only be assumed
> that one has intended to send the message others have assigned to it. 
> So, for whatever vague societal reasons, comic sans has become
> equivalent to wearing a speedo to a formal wedding, giggling
> hysterically during one's performance review, or skipping around the
> track in a tu-tu and clownface during the 440 meter track event at the
> Olympics.  Those are the breaks!  Sorry for your loss of a connotation
> free comic sans.  I feel your pain.  Herd dynamics can be brutal and
> bleak.
> http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/comic-sans
> "...While adequate for certain industry sectors like childcare and
> entertainment, its usage in business or professional settings has been
> criticized by many aesthetic-conscious Internet users, who say Comic
> Sans conveys silliness and irreverence that is hardly suitable for
> serious matters....:

Committing a fashion faux pas may be gauche, but pointing and laughing
is even more so.  If you think that somebody's choice of fashion is
inappropriate, keep it to yourself or an appropriate gossip forum. 
Congratulations, you've just convinced this newcomer that the
openssl-users group is populated by fashionistas rather than serious
technical people.

The original poster had a technical question.  I don't know enough to
answer it, or I would.  Could somebody who *does* know enough please
take a stab?

Saiteja, one suggestion:  when an error occurs, don't just report that
there was a problem.  Report what the problem was.  Don't these
functions set the results that SSL_get_error( ) returns?
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