[openssl-users] Question on RSA/FIPS186-4.

Kumar Venkatarao kvenkatarao at infinera.com
Sun Jul 29 11:30:44 UTC 2018


I am working on FIPS certification (v2.0.16). I’ve few questions w.r.t RSA
And FIPS 186-4.  We are using OpenSsl 1.0.2n With FIPS v2.0.16.

I’ve browsed through some articles/discussions on the subject and 
As I understand, the OpenSSL doesn’t support RSA FIPS 186-4 standard.
It supports FIPS 186-2 standard.

The questions are – 

1.	Do we plan to support this in releases that are close (Say Sep, 2018) ?
2.	There are also talks about RSA FIPS 186-4 being available with redhat, suse
Distributions. Since the FIPS build process, recommends the integrity checks
To be done at source code, object and load times, I am not sure, if this
Is recommended ? 

Can your team recommend us ways of getting around RSA FIPS 186-4 certification ? 


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