valgrind complaining about s_client (maybe assembler code?)

Stephen Farrell stephen.farrell at
Mon Nov 11 17:14:15 UTC 2019


On 11/11/2019 16:50, Michael Wojcik wrote:
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>> I'm seeing some errors from valgrind when running s_client from a
>> clean build from the tip. (Details of that below.)
> Have you reviewed past discussions about valgrind and OpenSSL?

I wouldn't say I reviewed it all in detail no, but yep, I
did spend a while checking and didn't find the same issue.
(Apologies if I missed it, which is always possible;-)

>  In general, memory-use checkers such as valgrind's memcheck are
> going to be suspicious of some aspects of OpenSSL, which makes some
> assumptions about memory that it knows are suitable, but which cannot
> generally be verified by typical static or dynamic analysis.

Sure. OTOH, I didn't see these errors until just now when
I rebased with upstream so they seem to be new, (in the
last couple of months), or I guess could be down to some
novelty with my CPU/compiler, given I'm using a brand new
laptop and Ubuntu 19.10;-)

FWIW, valgrind hasn't been giving me false positives over
the last year or so, and has been v. useful in finding
leaks, so it'd be nice if there were a fix or better
workaround than "no-asm" (but since I do have "no-asm",
and don't need go-faster-stripes, this isn't urgent for


> -- Michael Wojcik Distinguished Engineer, Micro Focus
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